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Petie and Flops: This bonded pair came to Riverside a couple of months ago. They are both 13 years old, but don't let that number deter you. They are both exceptionally healthy and happy guys, up to date on vaccinations. One of our staff members has been fostering them until they can find a forever home. She reports that they are so lovable; greeting you with meows and rubs when you arrive home, love to sit on laps, and get lots of petting. She has found them occasionally hiding under cupboards :)

Petie (orange tiger) is a neutered male. He loves to sleep under blankets, and makes cute mew sounds when wanting some attention. Petie does require mild foods for his tummy, as rich diets can make him vomit. Flops (long haired) lays on his back all stretched out very often! He is also neutered and very friendly.

If you would like to adopt this bonded pair, please call Riverside at (802)773-4771. Please ask for Emily Pinz.